Boarding and Stall Rental

We offer full boarding services. We have 3 stalls that are full concrete block construction on 4 acres with access to the Davie Equestrian Trail and all pastures are fenced and easily accessed.

Secure gated property. Stalls are 12' x 12',  with rubber mats, attached 12' x 24' walk outs, automatic waterers, and ceiling fans. Wash rack and two grooming stations in barn, tack room, refrigerator, and clean bathroom.

Daily turn out up to 24 hours per day, stalls cleaned daily, hay fed 2 to 3 times daily (horses always have access to clean hay), grain/pellets twice daily if needed. Solitude feed through fly control pellets given daily. One 2 acre grass pasture. One 1/2 acre paddock with some grass and one 1/4 acre paddock. Horses generally have access to stalls and pastures so they can come and go as they please. Click here to view stall photos.

Stalls Available as of 12/01/16:  None

Packages Available Effective 1/1/2017

Option 1: Semi: $465.00 per month.
Includes: Stall, care, Solitude fly control. Does NOT include shavings, feed or hay.

Option 2: Semi Plus: $500.00 per month.
Includes: Option 1 plus: Deworming, automatic fly spray, psyllium monthly.
Does NOT include shavings, feed or hay.

Option 3: Full: $830.00 per month.
Includes: Option 1 plus: Feed, hay and shavings. Does  NOT include deworming, automatic fly spray or psyllium.

Option 4: Full Plus: $875.00 per month.
Includes: All of the above.

Multi-horse monthly discount: 2 horses - any package. $30.00 discount.

Trailer storage is available on site for $50.00 per month for Boarders only.

Full Equestrian Trail Access

Stables are located adjacent to the Oak Hill Park Trail as part of the Town of Davie's Equestrian Trails.

Please click here for the Oak Hill Part Trail map.

Please click here for the full trail system pictured above provided by the Town of Davie.

*If you don't chose the deworming then you must supply the dewormers. We follow a Veterinarian recommended schedule (Strongid, Ivermec, Panacure Power Pack, Ivermec, Ivermec, Quest).

*If you want the automatic fly spray but don't want to chose that option, you can purchase and supply the refills and batteries separately.  More frequently in summer months.

*Care includes: Daily hoof picking, applying fly spray, hosing off if needed, apply and remove blankets/fly masks if needed. Feeding hay 2 to 3 times daily as needed. Feed supplements twice daily, cleaning stall / walkout's 1 to 2 times daily as needed. Paddocks cleaned twice weekly. Large pasture harrowed weekly.